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  • branding

  • print media

  • logos

  • presentations

  • web design

  • social media covers

  • user experiences

  • project coordination & management

I'm an independent designer and I don’t advertise, so if you are here I’m sure that someone wonderful has referred you!  If you've landed on my portfolio site through the magic that is the internet, welcome!


I’ve worked for large corporations like SAIC’s Asset Group as a creative director and manager for graphic departments. Additionally, I have experience working on web development teams creating and enhancing user experiences and testing software. Somewhere along the line, I discovered that I love focusing my time on developing creative relationships with small businesses and individuals to create memorable branding to take that next step.


My clients are as diverse as their projects and design needs. As an independent designer for the last 15 years, I take on projects of all kinds including brochures, business cards, spec sheets, posters, magazines, branding, social media covers, presentations, menus, forms and fillable PDFs, websites, tradeshow media, and even bus wraps! 


Whether you are looking to redesign, rebrand or create a new website, need printed materials, logo or identity work, writing and researching content, or are just working on a PowerPoint presentation - I'm here to help


Don't know what you need or where to start? I can help with that too!

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